ALL Lives Matter!!!!

Colorado Soldiers Return Home

ALL lives matter!! ALL of them, not just one race, one gender, one age. It doesn’t matter if you are a doctor, in the military, in emergency rescue, a parent, a teacher….ALL LIVES MATTER. It doesn’t matter if you are Asian, African, European, Caucasian, Hawaiian, Native American, Alaskan, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist….green, blue, orange, or purple!!! We are ALL the same, from the top of our heads to the bottom of our feet. What we are is the same, one RACE…..the HUMAN RACE!!
So what are we doing? We are victimizing each other!! I see it in the homeless, I see it in how Americans are speaking to each other. The political scene is encouraging lies and deceit, inciting anger and acting out!! I see it in the increased use of street drugs, of domestic violence victims, in children and in adults. Newscasts dramatize over and over the actions and mistakes, the hate and the riots. WE ARE BETTER THAN THIS, PEOPLE!!!!!!
Our country was founded on freedom, ancestors fought for it from the oppression of a too large empire who wanted to control the lives of even the most distant citizens through often corrupt governing bodies. Those ancestors won, by the GRACE of GOD!!!
Paul Harvey years ago in the 1960’s broadcast a session called “if I were the devil…” I heard that script sometime in the 80’s or 90’s and have reread that script in recent years. I would encourage anyone to link to it: we RIGHT NOW have the very same issues from the 60’s, but MAGNIFIED by a couple generations of deterioration of home, family, government, and even churches. Our country is in a spiral downward that is NOT stopping, and we are ripping ourselves apart from the inside!!! My WORD, we don’t even need to have ISIS or terrorists to do it, we are DOING IT TO OURSELVES!!! From a shooting in a church in South Carolina last year, to the shootings and riots that are going on now! fc220x200black-u21What in the WORLD do WE as AMERICANS have to be angry about!??? Really!??? I know that 1 in 5 children go hungry here in the United States, and that the average age of a homeless person is NINE YEARS OLD. NINE!!!!! That is what we should be angry about—and what in are we doing about it? We focus on Black Lives Matter, or New Black Panthers, or any of the other groups!! Oh come on! I was around with the race riots and Kent State, Watts and the other issues of the early 60’s as a child, and guess what—it SCARED me. What do you think we are doing to our children NOW with bigger media and exposure to the horrors and scary stuff??? IT HAS GOT TO STOP!!!
As a preacher, a pastor, I can’t keep quiet about this. I’m not “PC” or politically correct!! I am a parent, and a grandparent. Kids have got to be kept safe!!! And it doesn’t matter what color their skin or hair is, what gender they are. They all have the same feelings…..they get scared, they don’t understand, and they see things that little ones have no right seeing!! And it then turns into generations of HATE and DISTRUST as adults!!! Don’t believe me? Take a look at the news, at the neighborhoods and compare them to a couple decades past. I don’t need to review some research psych paper to prove it, I’ve LIVED IT. And anyone with eyes in the their heads can SEE IT!!
It’s time to step up, people!!! The homeless drunk on the street corner isn’t in big city USA. The homeless crisis is the 9 year old living in the car or van or couch surfing with mom trying to avoid domestic violence. girl20on20the20streetAnd that domestic violence is coming right into our homes through the TV and the media that is at our fingertips. The violence of hate against race, against Christians, against the old fashioned “establishment” of the 1960’s is only getting worse, BECAUSE WE AS A NATION ARE LETTING IT HAPPEN!
Personally, it isn’t how I want to live! And we’ve grown so far from God that we have no clue how to get down on our knees and pray for HELP!! I didn’t do that until about 3 years ago, and thank GOD that we can do it even though we’ve run blindly AWAY from a living GOD who cares!! Think HE doesn’t exist? Think He isn’t ticked off about us? Check the “heat dome” or the blizzards, the tornados, the earthquakes, the drought, the wildfires lately? That’s nature, yes, but God’s in control there, and He is rattling our senses to WAKE UP!!!
It’s time to stop turning our backs on today’s poor, widows and orphans. It’s time to stop turning our backs on what is the right thing to do…..this is ONE NATION UNDER GOD, not one nation under martial law or a free-for-all of hate!!!! Memorial Day SeriesGet down on your knees and pray for help, pray for guidance, pray for forgiveness of turning our backs on the living God who does care. Pray for those kids, those moms, those parents. Pray for the military, the police, the emergency workers. Pray for the hatred and the anger to stop. Whatever you do, pray!!!! Don’t know how? Message me.
It’s time for change, people, now. Or it’s going to be too late. We are almost there now.
God bless you all.
Pastor Sylvia

Tree Of Hope Ministries, USA

Cling to the cross

most photos courtesy of Google images


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