Introspect and revival

Kudos to all of those who are out there in the trenches among the poor, the displaced, the homeless.  I’m not politically correct, I am Biblically correct, and in saying so, those of you who are acting your faith in dealing with the epidemic of homelessness that is even in small town USA will be blessed.  A cheap meal, a kind word, normal conversation, a simple word of hope said in the name of Jesus Christ may seem some small thing, but to someone with nothing, it’s golden.  Food from a food pantry when you have nothing, clothing from a Free Store, free items to furnish a newly found home when the homeless is blessed to get one, a meal from a food kitchen, even a day’s worth of pay from a job from a work program sponsored by a Christian organization are all examples that I’ve seen across the country.  I’ve participated in some from both sides.  To those of you who organize the programs, know that those you serve do want to give back in some way, some how. If you can, let them.  It’s a means to gain self respect which so many homeless lack after being on the streets so long.  To those who help guide people into rehabilitation programs for drugs and alcohol, even though you may see the participant slip back, don’t give up hope on what you do.  It’s valuable.  In short, thanks to all of you for doing what you are doing.  It’s a hand up, not a hand out.

I’ve been living homeless for over a year, among the homeless, on purpose.  I have no budget other than what God provides for me at this point.  Sometimes its the change in my wallet, sometimes it’s a blessing from an unexpected source.  I wouldn’t recommend to anyone to give up everything they had and go on the streets, I had circumstances that led to this and I wouldn’t trade my experiences for anything at this point. Surrendering to trusting God for everything has been even more humbling than being rejected by family or the judgement of people who really don’t know me or what God’s purpose is through this experience.  God and Jesus have been the strength and courage for me to exist, sometimes showing me personal “manna” by providing exactly what I needed exactly at the time I needed it in a way that I could only say, “wow, that was a God thing!”  Then being able to continue to serve the way that only God could provide because of the blessing was beauty in motion.

I’m still working with the homeless.  I’ll always work with the poor, the homeless, the marginalized, and the displaced it seems at this point.  I’m waiting for events to play out that I know only God has orchestrated.  I asked “why me, Lord, why are you doing this?” knowing in my heart I do not deserve the blessings that are falling on me.  His answer, as I knew it would be, “why wouldn’t I?”  I know who I was.  I know that I was a pretty arrogant and selfish woman.  I’m not that woman anymore, and I’m striving to become as Christ-like as possible because He gave me the opportunity to learn, even if it was like holding my mouth up to an open fire hydrant at times!

I know there are several who follow my blog because they are also serving the poor in some capacity.  I’d like to offer something to all of you who may be interested.  In my journeys, I’m seeing a revival of faith, in spite of the trends of today’s society and the true horrors that are out here.  It’s time for a revival of faith, it’s badly needed.  It’s what is going to save us all, in the end. Old fashioned revival of faith, old fashioned simple preaching of the Hope that is Jesus, old fashioned preaching of the Gospel and the Truth that it holds for ALL of us!  I’d like to come to your town and preach a revival to benefit your outreach programs for the homeless and poor in your area.  I do not want anything from it other than to give your efforts with the poor the attention it needs and provide it some financial support that is desperately needed everywhere.  All that is needed on your behalf is a location to preach from…a church, neighborhood center, even a tent and if necessary, I will fund the cost of the location.  Some local advertising, again, on my budget, not yours, and some help locating some good musical talent which I will also support. I need someone who would be willing to give a little bit of a testimony about how your outreach helped them, at least one. I simply want to promote your outreach program and reach souls. If you are interested, contact me through this blog or through my ministry’s email-Tree of Hope, at  I have no recordings of my style of preaching as I’m limited to technology living homeless and sometimes without adequate Internet access, but know that I style my preaching after Billy Graham and David Wilkerson, two of my favorite preachers. I am an evangelist, but I’m NOT a snake oil or prosperity evangelist. I do have references if you need them. I preach Gospel, resurrection and salvation.  I believe that the Cross is the ONLY hope that we have in this country, and that we all need to to turn back to the Cross in order to make this country great again and how we live in it better.  It’s my hope that I can help you in your service to those who need it in your area.  I know with all my heart that God is calling me and pushing me to do this, in addition to what I’m already doing.  I hope I can serve you in this endeavor.  If you know anyone who I could serve in this capacity, please feel free to pass the information along.  I trust God will provide me with what I need to do this for others.

God bless you all as you serve those to whom you are called to serve.

Pastor Sylvia White, Tree of Hope Ministries


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