Power of Prayer and Prayer warriors needed

As I traveled and lived among the homeless and the poor, I found that people turn to God and Jesus when there is absolutely nothing else that can be done.  It’s when we hit rock bottom and our hearts are breaking that we cry out in prayer, and once we are connected to God and Jesus, and see Their wonderful works that we get hooked and can’t let go of Them.  Religion has driven us from the personal relationship that we need to have with Them.  Prayer is the way to be with our heavenly Father and His Son.

Power of prayer
In Matthew, in the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus gives very clear instructions on how to pray, saying the Lord’s prayer, and describing prayer. As part of our faith and relationship with God, we need to pray. One woman said that she prayed while she did her housework, the simple tasks of her chores giving her the chance to focus on talking to God while keeping her hands busy. God wants us to talk to Him, as much as possible, every day, even if it is only to say hello. Prayer doesn’t have to be formal. It does have to come from the heart and be heartfelt. You need to believe that what you are praying for will be given, as long as it is God’s will.
Matthew, chapter 6, gives the instructions for prayer. When you pray, you are not to stand publicly praying so loud that everyone can hear you. I have seen what I will call “street preachers” calling to cars as they go by, shouting their messages and prayers. These people draw negative attention to what Jesus wants us to do and to be. In many churches, there is congregational prayer where either everyone, or assigned members will stand or kneel and all will pray out loud, all at the same time, all praying something different so that it sounds like a very loud buzz, not the quiet that you should get from praying to our Father and Jesus. These people like to be seen doing what they are doing, and Jesus says that they will get their reward for their vanity.
Do not use repetitions in prayer. Saying a hail Mary is repetition. Saying the same prayer like a blessing over and over every day is repetition. God isn’t deaf, and he doesn’t have a bad memory. He likes to hear what you have to say from your heart, not from what you have memorized. People who use repetitious prayer think that they will be heard better, Jesus said that is not so: the more that is said in this way, the less that is heard. God knows what we need before we ask for it. We only need to ask to let Him know that we want His care.
Do not pray to men or to the dead. The only Ones you should be praying to is God and Jesus, and to God through Jesus as He carries prayers to God. Men like the Pope or the saints who were given sainthood by men are just that, men. They cannot intervene on our behalf before God. Only Jesus can do that.
When you pray, do it in private. Jesus says go into your closet. You can have a quiet room to pray in, or you can just quietly withdraw and pray. The key is not to draw attention to yourself.
Prayer is a way to ask help. God and Jesus are willing to help us. All we have to do is ask and believe that it will happen: faith. They will protect us and keep us safe through prayer. They will provide what we need, through prayer and faith.
Each of us have need of prayer. We can and should pray for and with each other. If you could, would you include these on your prayer list for me and my ministry? I will pray for anyone who asks as well if you want to communicate your needs to me. Thank you all.
Prayer needs:
Pray for the relief of an internet stalker to my dear friend that the stalker is stopped, served papers, and put where she needs to be. Pray for peace for my friend.
Pray for the healing of the father of a pastor friend of mine who underwent spinal surgery.
Pray for the military as they serve our country, giving their lives for our safety
Pray for the children who are missing or lost that they can be returned home safely’
Pray for the abused so that they can find peace and shelter, safety and love
Pray for the homeless and poor that they can find shelter and a safe place to live, that they have enough to eat and clothes to wear.
Pray for wisdom for the leaders of this country that they can save our country from the path that it is traveling.
Pray for God to find a place in our homes, our lives, our families, and in our churches: invite Him and Jesus to be among us again.
Pray for peace in this world, for the martyrs that lose their lives because they will not renounce their faith in God.
Thank you all.
God Bless you,.
Pastor Sylvia
Tree of Hope Church and Ministry


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