Tree of Hope Ministries

Hello all.

I once again invite all of you to link to Tree of Hope Ministries, a new blog that picks up where American Homeless leaves off. There is so much that we can do for each other in this country, and it all begins with loving one another and caring about each other, just as Jesus taught us with the Golden Rule:  Do unto to other as you would have them do to you.  It truly is going to take each of us to make a difference in a world gone crazy.

Tree of Hope Church and Ministries is here to be part of that revival.

American was the home of milk and honey and has become the land of greed and money, I’ve said it before, and it isn’t a phrase that I made up, someone else said it before me.  So many people have been displaced from the lives they once knew because of circumstances that they had no control over.  As a country, we’ve taken God out of our government, our schools, our families, and now churches. We breed and teach hate, instead of love and caring for one another.  Women have lost the spirituality that helped raise our children to become responsible Christian adults that once made this country strong.  People have lost hope, lost faith, and lost God.  This ministry, a women’s ministry, is meant to bring hope back into the lives of the people it serves.  It’s time for us to stop looking at only ourselves and rebuild what we once had by the grace of God: Freedom and the right to live free in a nation under God.

Please follow me on Tree of Hope Ministries.  I look forward to it.

Pastor Sylvia

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