Sky showed up I believe on a hot July day looking for some place to live. She was tall and weighed maybe 110 lbs. She had a job at nearby smoke shop and the place she was supposed to live with her two year old little boy told her they had no long term rooms. She was getting away from somewhere in Tennessee and her boyfriend was driving her.

Sky found a room at the motel where I worked during the day. She was there for a while, kept to herself, played with her little boy in the evening. Eventually she moved out. In August, not long after Mac’s attempted suicide, she called me looking for rooms again. She had tried to live with her boyfriend, her son was with her mom, she had been at a campground and was evicted because her boyfriend had come and threatened her. Instead of calling the police, they turned their heads, allowed the threats and kicked her off the property. She had another job working swing at the casino nearby. She said he had beaten her, broke her nose and she had multiple bruises on her when she came back to the motel. She was afraid of him. Motel security would capture on camera and we were on property 24 hours. She felt safe with us.

Her boyfriend showed up as expected. He was asked to leave the property. After whining about her not giving him a chance he left. He made multiple phone calls to her, threatening her. We could hear her conversations. After a day or so, she allowed him into her motel room. We didn’t see her for 48 hours. She said she was ill later. He spoke of second chances and wanting to start over.

Sky is like so many other abused women. She wants to be loved and secure. Happy. Our partnership with the opposite sex is supposed to be mutual respect and kindness, to reflect the kind of love that our Father in heaven has for us. He is not abusive and does not cause that kind of pain and anguish. That is of Satan. Feeling like you have no worth and settling for attention of an abuser is from a life filled with negative attention.

The boyfriend told Sky and others that all he wanted was a chance, a date with Sky. One night she finally gave in and got in his truck. I haven’t seen Sky since then. Someone told me the next morning that she had been beaten, run over with his truck, put back into the truck and taken to a hospital where she was airlifted to a trauma center. He is loose and in hiding still. For the second time I had to pack up an empty room and wait for family to claim belongings. Sky was on my waiting list to get into my abused women’s shelter. Lack of finances kept her here long enough to be hurt. She had internal bleeding that wouldn’t stop. It did and I know it was prayer that saved her life. Her pelvis was shattered and her mother said she had road rash abrasions all along her left side. Sounds like she was dragged. She was in protective isolation in the hospital no visitors or contacts. He is free and running around somewhere while she suffers. She is to go into a rehab facility for long therapy. She has survived. When she is fully recuperated she is still welcome at my abuse center. Not as a victim though, but as a testimony and a counselor if she wants that chance.

Had that first guy called police and had the boyfriend arrested rather than turning his head and evicting her, maybe Sky wouldn’t be going through this. I don’t know. The boyfriend had been on parole or something and violated his curfew repeatedly. To break the abuse is like breaking addiction. You need to get away from the neighborhood and you need Christian support to help overcome the rough spots. Jesus is always there for us to lean on but we have to take the steps to break away. Sky couldn’t and now she is repairing a truly shattered life. We at Tree of Hope will be there for her when she is ready for us.


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