Time for an update

I know I have many people who have followed this blog.  I have not been active with posting stories or reflections for a number of weeks.  God has a way of putting things in our lives to temper us and mold us to His perfect plan.  Along the way, a ministry for the homeless and poor of America has been born.  There are people from all over the United States that are members of this ministry, both men and women.It has grown from a mission of service to a ministry of hope.  The name of the ministry is now “Tree of Hope Ministries”.  It is a non denominational ministry and someone donated property to the ministry to open a homeless shelter and rehab center for addictions and alcoholism.  There is a church that can hold 800 people and apartments and homes that will be ideal for housing those who need a home.  The homes and the church are in need of repair and refurbishment.  Part of the program will be that those who are able will work on the properties to help refurbish them.  In addition, those who are enrolled in the shelter and the rehab program will have vocational training.  The shelter will be run by individuals who were once homeless themselves.   The program is tailored to the needs of the individual and they could be in the program for as long as two years, depending upon their goals.  I hope you feel that this ministry has been a benefit to those it has served and that you have learned something from the messages posted over the past few months.  I will be posting more stories over the next several days.  One story significantly changed my life and I now want to serve the Lord and save as many people as I can.

Thank you for reading and I hope you continue to read these posts.  God bless you.


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