I believe I made the comment somewhere in an earlier post that people have different categories of being homeless: those who are thrust into an unforeseeable situation and want to get out of it as soon as possible, those who choose to be homeless and travel as transitional people all over the country, and those who choose to be homeless for whatever reason and stay put for a long period of time.

The ones who stay put for a long period of time battle the war of boredom.  There’s a lot of reasons people become addicted to doing something that harms them, and boredom seems to be among the biggest reason.  You don’t work.  You don’t have a hobby that you can do easily.  You don’t have a lot of money.  You don’t have immediate transportation.  You don’t have enough faith in God or Jesus to get you through your day.  Instead, you turn to doing something self destructive…drinking, drugs, fighting, it’s a long list.

One homeless guy has been on a beach island for about four months.  His profession is a fisherman.  A professional fisherman.  The last place he worked was on a shrimp trawler out of Key West, Florida, last year sometime.  Currently, he doesn’t want to work.  He spends his time sleeping, drinking to excess with some very bad alcohol, and panhandling. When he isn’t drunk, he is a gentle sweetheart.  When he gets drunk, he isn’t mean, but to coin a phrase, he gets “bulled up” and picks fights.  Most of the time people leave him alone, but once he got clocked by a girl half his age for whatever he was doing.  Hurt his pride, being hit by a girl.  Talked about it every time he got drunk for a long time.

It occurred to him that he missed fishing in the past day or so.  He scrounged enough money to buy some fishing line.  He poked around for bait-fiddler crabs-and his intention was to fish off of a back bay dock.  It excited him.  He talked about it for hours.  It kept him from being self destructive.

It isn’t in the Bible that idle hands are the Devil’s work shop, but he sure does have a good time when we don’t have anything to do, don’t have faith to ask God or Jesus what should I be doing, or plain go off and do our will and ignore what is being told to us by God or Jesus.  He and his associates walk this Earth looking for ways to make people miserable. Fishing is a humble profession.  It’s hard work to do it on a trawler…ever watch “Deadliest Catch”?  But to have it as a hobby, you can do it for hours, be with yourself, meditate and pray and consider the beauty around you.  And you get to eat what you catch.  Jesus had fishermen as disciples…..they became fishers of men, but they caught fish as their trade.  I hope the homeless guy did go fishing.  He would be among good company.

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