Day late and a dollar short!

Jason, who looks to be in his 30’s, started out from wintry Ohio with the promise of a job for the next four months in Southern Florida.  When he started out, he had money for his train ticket and food to last him.  It snowed.  Hard.  The train was delayed a long time because of the extreme winter weather this year.  He got to Florida one day later than he had told his employer.  When he got there, the job had been given to someone else the day before.  Jason saw his plans, his job, his life crumble in a a matter of minutes.  He ended up in a support system that doesn’t provide sleeping shelter, but it does provide clothes, showers, food, access to resources like food stamps, health care, job searches, mail access all Monday through Friday.  He is disappointed, somewhat scared, and isn’t sure what he is going to do.  He is sleeping in a hammock in some woods four miles from the center for safety.  The area does have people who will steal from the homeless who have nothing, some of them are homeless and have nothing as well!  He is going to look for some kind of a job, but it isn’t the salary that he was expecting of $8000 for the next four months.

God is in control of what happens in our life.  He puts us through trials to bring us to be the best people we can be.  Our plans are just that, our plans.  Some times, they just don’t work out for whatever reason.  Jason is learning to have faith and depend on others for help.  Maybe this is the lesson he needs to learn.  What has happened to Jason is certainly an example of just how quickly we can go from having a home and security to having nothing at all except perhaps our faith, if we have it.  Or, finding our faith if we don’t. It’s also a good example of how the support system for the homeless can work if the participants will let it work and an example of how much more could be done to help.  Jason doesn’t want to stay on the street.  He wants to be secure and safe.  Isn’t that what we all want?

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