A plea for help

A knock on the car window or a call for help outside your car door will bring you out of a sound sleep.  This has happened twice to me while on the road.  Don’t judge, lest ye be judged….I can not tell if someone is lying to me when they are saying please help me.  The first person was a woman at 4:00 am looking for gas money to get to her brother’s funeral not far away, maybe 40 miles or less, at 10:00 am.  I gave her money, which I don’t usually do.  I’ve only done it a few times when I thought someone needed it more than food.  She approached me a second time in the space of about 30 minutes because she woke me up enough to use the facilities where I was parked. She must not have realized she already spoke to me.  Her story was the same.  I had given her enough to get her to where she needed to go, but she was looking for more.  Lie?  Truth?  Don’t know.  Only God and Jesus can judge what’s in a person’s heart.

The second time was a man, dressed in clean clothes with a ball cap that matched his shirt.  He had gotten off of work, and granted it was before 11pm, I had been asleep for about two hours out of exhaustion. He had called from outside my bumper.  He said he was sorry to disturb, had a heavy Spanish accent, said he didn’t mean any harm, he wouldn’t hurt me.  I didn’t think he would.  I have faith that I’ve got Someone watching over me in my journeys. Really. He said a motel nearby had kicked his wife and his two children out while he was at work, or something to that effect, for the lack of $17 and they had no home.  Whole family homeless.  They hadn’t eaten yet.  He offered me his driver’s license, his wallet to prove his sincerity. I gave him what I had in my wallet.  It wasn’t much.  I didn’t see him wander off to solicit other people,.  Again, I can’t judge what is in someone’s heart.  I can only do what I think Christ would do…..I certainly didn’t want to see children on the street.  Who does?  You see those pictures of starving children in Africa, and I know people who sponsor them.  I see American children in my dreams without a home or somewhere to live.  I don’t know who sponsors them….if anyone does.  I know communities try to help. I know there are agencies who mean to help.  Where do you draw a line when you help people?  Do you draw a line?  I didn’t.  Truth?  Lie?  I’m not the judge.


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