Dick left somewhere around Toledo Ohio in January.  He is 60 something.  He was a successful business man, sold his business to his son.  When his son ran into trouble with the business, he took the business problems on himself, and ended up with his business, his home, all his property foreclosed on.  He is divorced.  He tried living with a relative and was building a room in a barn.  It got really cold before it could be finished.  His friend who I will call Bob who is also 60 something, left a little while ahead of him.  They headed for warmer climates.  Dick ran a motorcycle business.  He has a daughter as well.  He had absolutely nothing left after the foreclosure.  He said “if you would have told him 6 months ago he would be homeless and living on the streets, he would have laughed in your face.” Now he says he came into the world with nothing, looks like he is going to leave this world with nothing, except a faith in God and Jesus.

A friend of his named Muhammed was talking to him and listened to his problems sometime before he left Ohio.  After hearing Dick’s story, he told him it sounded like he needed a lawyer.  A few weeks later, Muhammed called him back and said he had a three way conversation going, there was someone to talk to him. Dick thought it was a lawyer.  After telling this guy all his woes and problems, the guy said the very comment “you came into this world with nothing, looks like you’re going to leave this world with nothing”.  Dick was surprised.  As it turns out, he became friends with this guy.  He is a preacher who used to be a soap opera actor who lost everything after a 3 million dollar deal went bad.  This guy works with homeless and addicts, helps them get back on their feet.  Dick calls and talks to him frequently. Dick’s faith gets him through everything now.  He used to have what he thought was faith, but he found that now that he has nothing, what he had before was nothing to what he has now.

You never know what is around the corner in your life.  While you may not believe in God, He does give us trials to make us aware that He is there. Turning to the Cross, to Jesus in those times of trouble is usually the last thing we do before we contemplate suicide, which is another thing that Dick was considering before he spoke to the preacher.  He had a plan to take people with him.  That is hitting rock bottom.  His faith saved him. While he is broke and on the street, he and his friend are upbeat.  They are learning the ropes of homelessness since they’ve been at it for only a few weeks.  They are survivors.

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