I’ll call her Shannon, I don’t really know her name.  I didn’t have the opportunity to talk to her directly; I overheard her telling her story to another homeless young man.  Shannon is a tall, slender attractive blonde Caucasian who is 20 something.

Shannon hadn’t been at the church breakfast kitchen for a few weeks.  Many of the homeless men and women recognized her and were talking to her over the meal.  She waited in line to use the donated clothing exchange.  She said she had graduated from school-by her age in her 20’s, I will assume college.  She had a job and good home and lived on her own. Her used to live in Ohio.  For whatever reason, she lost her job and her home and ended out on the streets.  She had been somewhere else for a few weeks before returning to her friends at this kitchen and safe place.  She had a conversation with her mother recently, and her mother sent her a bus ticket back to Ohio to live with her.  She is leaving tomorrow.  Shannon sound relieved, but she also said she would probably just stay a few months.

Families do reach out to the homeless when they know where their loved ones are.  That hand up could be the hope that someone is looking for.  It is a blessing for someone on the streets to have someone to care about them.  It can give them that ray of hope that they need to get themselves back on track with their life. Its what Jesus would do in this day and age. It is a very simple act of Christianity.

A bus ticket isn’t much, but to someone who doesn’t have it, it may as well be a million dollars.  That is one of the things that I am doing with my mission, helping to find ways to get people to where they need to be.  If you can, I would appreciate help with it.  See my home page for a link.


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