Sometimes the homeless just walk up to me.  It’s odd.  Do I have one of those marks on my vehicle like they put on doorposts of people who helped the homeless in the 1930’s during the Great Depression?  Dave was on a bicycle that he just got from a buddy.  The chain was rusted, and he was trying to find some lubricant for it.  I was digging around in my vehicle for something.  He asked for WD-40, which I didnt have.  We talked for a little bit, trying to problem solve.  He asked if I had any oil  Oddly enough, I did.  Blessing. He poured oil on his chain while we talked a bit.  He told me he was homeless, on probation, and staying in a shelter sponsored by a Catholic Church.  He was an addict, using both drugs and alcohol.  He goes to AA and NA meetings every day, sometimes two times a day.  He is clean 3 months.  He has a girl friend who is also an addict, was also homeless, that is staying in a shelter that requires you to be out of jail six months.  She is having surgery today, it sounded like she was having a hysterectomy. Both in their 40’s, they met each other and felt like they belonged together.  She is from New York City where she had been a prostitute.  He said her insides were “all messed up”.  He knew she would be all right, but there was no way for him to be able to see her because of their living arrangements.  He is a Christian, and church is important to both of them.  He feels hopeful for his future because of the support system that is out there.  He spoke of faith in God and feels that is what is carrying him through.  He has problems with seizures as well, which is a challenge to treat because of his past addiction and needing to be clean of chemicals to be in the shelter where he is.  He doesn’t want to lose his home because he gets treated for his seizures.  Addictions, probation, homeless….there are barriers to having a normal relationship that couples don’t usually have to contend with.  He hopes that whoever is taking care of her doesn’t over medicate her with opiates for her pain after her procedure.  He doesn’t want her to become addicted again.


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