One of the problems that homeless face is prejudice and judgement.  The stereotype of someone who is homeless is that they are dirty, smell, scruffy looking and that they choose to live the way they are living.  Their clothing is torn, dirty and doesn’t fit.  They don’t care about their appearance.

A white woman sitting and talking with an African American man still draws negative attention.  Put one of them in the stereotype appearance of a homeless person, and the response is worse.  The looks from passersby range from snotty, some snears, head shaking,  and some disgust.  There are those that don’t notice.  There is no  difference if the lookers are Caucasian or not.  The responses seem to be the same.  The thing is, while one looks like they are homeless, they both are.  One just happens to be clean today.

There are a lot of problems that society faces.  There is anger and frustration.  The answer lays in us as a whole getting back into our faith.  Change won’t happen overnight on either side.  All it takes is one person at a time to make a difference.


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