An observation

You can very easily walk by the belongings of a homeless person and not realize it was there.  A shopping cart full of belongings tucked between a building and an electric substation.  A black garbage bag randomly sitting along the way.  A stack of what looks to be items for donation against a building.  Another thing you might not notice is that homeless are often right there in plain site.  Two guys sitting on a stretch of grass in the middle of the day, one with shoes off, both with a couple of full plastic grocery bags around them.  At first glance, they look like a pair of friends talking.  Closer look….clothes are little worn or dirty.  They have an incredible tan.  The grocery bags are not full of food, but belongings.

Some cities really look out for their homeless.  A box sitting on the street corner held chili in styrofoam bowls with lids and spoons….some is still there, conscientious users put the trash of empty containers back in the box.  Random volunteers drive around an American city handing out sandwiches to transitional people on street corners.  Some cities place jiffy johns in not so obvious places to reduce public nuisance of defecation and urination.

A food cupboard at 8:30 in the morning has a line that already extends around the corner of the large building.  More people are coming.  Not everyone is homeless, but I’m betting everyone has a need or they wouldn’t be there.  A comment made by one Cuban immigrant when someone tossed her food while volunteering at a food bank in broken English:  “Its ok.  In Cuba, I be upset, no food.  Here, in US, no Castro, and always more food from somewhere.”  Sad thing is, I’ve seen where there is no more food somewhere.  I know That there is, I see it tossed into our garbage cans and trash because we leave it sit in our refrigerators until it spoils or the expiration date goes out.  I see people take more than what they need as servings and then we become an obese nation.  We don’t know, we aren’t aware that there really are starving kids and people right here in the US.  This land of so much plenty, and there are people going hungry.

Jesus fed 5000 with a few fish and a few loaves of bread.  Yes, He certainly had heavenly help.  We can feed the multitudes ourselves, and it doesn’t have to be a miracle.  All it takes is some time at a food pantry, buying the extra buy one get one and donate it.  Make some desserts and take it to a soup kitchen.  Talk to a restaurant that tosses food when it closes and see if they will donate it to the neighborhood soup kitchen.  Be a volunteer and go get donated food from restaurants and deliver it to the soup kitchen. There is so much that you can do.  it doesn’t have to take a donation of money. Believe me, the recipients are THANKFUL for the food that is provided to them.  It isn’t guaranteed to be there tomorrow.  Be kind to your fellow human.  Put yourself in their shoes, would you want to be treated the way they are?   I don’t.  I’m trying to help them, the best I can.  You can too.

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