American Homeless: Why do they keep going back?


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Pastor Sylvia Prickitt, American Homeless, Tree of Hope: Domestic abuse


“Why do they keep going back, why do they stay?”  As I work with women through Tree of Hope Ministries who have been and are abused, this is the question that observers ask of women who either stay in a relationship that is dangerous or keep going back their abuser.  There isn’t just one reason for the choices women make.  Some see themselves without any other options, some think they can change the abuser, some just don’t know how to get out of the cycle.  For whatever reason, initial gut reflexes of “stay away” are ignored, red flags are ignored, friends drawing attention to red flags are ignored, and the situation spins out of control.  The result is repeated abuse because the abuser sees no reason to change unless he/she are made aware of what they are doing, the abuser makes a choice to change, and that doesn’t happen most of the time.  The result are injuries, PTSD, sexual abuse, psychological abuse, collateral damage to any children, and frustrated relatives and friends who can’t understand, and a victim who doesn’t know how to get out.

Don’t judge these victims.  The Holy Bible says “judge not lest you be judged by the measure in which you judge others”- paraphrased from the book of Matthew.  Jesus came over 2000 years ago to set an example to live and to teach what God meant when He gave Moses the Ten Commandments.  Unless you actually are right there with the victim as he/she is going through the abuse, you have no idea what is being endured.  Yes, there are lies told by the victim to themselves to justify the actions of the abuser and themselves.  There are many instances in the Bible where people lied to protect themselves or others:  Rahal for the spies, the Hebrew midwives for the women who gave birth and the infants were supposed to be killed, Abraham to protect Sarah, Peter to protect himself from the Pharisees when Jesus was arrested. If someone today is in an abusive situation, often they cannot tell others because of fear of true retribution.  One individual in North Carolina sought help, but she returned to her abuser.  The result was a “date” that turned into attempted murder: her abuser pushed her out of the door of his truck, dragged her by her leg, pulled her back in, left her bleeding almost to death on the floorboard of his truck in the parking lot of the hospital.  By the grace of God, she survived, was flown to a trauma center and placed in protective custody.  It took the brink of death for her to leave the abuser.

Abused women feel like they are lost-God doesn’t hear them, Jesus isn’t there, their families and friends abandon them.  The abuser isolates them from everything and everyone to maintain control over them.  These women are afraid.  Fear paralyzes them.  Sadly, pastors and counselors often do not have the understanding for these women that is needed, or those people who are meant to help feel uncomfortable in speaking to the victims.

To women who are abused, God’s intention for relationships is meant to be faithfulness to your partner, but He does not mean for anyone to be a punching bag, a piece of meat, or be mistreated through verbal abuse.  1 Peter tells us that Christ taught that a man was to treat a woman as if she were part of him, and that her prayers would help his be heard.  A relationship is a partnership, not a slave/master, or subservient relationship.  Partnership and companionship is what was intended from the beginning of our creation, Jesus taught that in His three years of ministry, and His apostles also reinforced it.

To those who are involved with helping abused women, don’t judge.  Self-esteem and self-confidence is already bad.  The victims have developed self-preservation techniques to ease the pain or avoid more abuse.  There is going to be PTSD from the experience, there is going to be guilt, there is going to be emotional fall out and they need support, not judgement.  If you see someone experiencing what you believe what may be abuse, give that person a chance to speak about it privately, away from other listeners, away from the abusers.  The victim needs to feel safe.  Understand there is likely a fear of any men.  Nurses in one nursing school are taught to slip hotline phone numbers in free lip balm tubes, make up boxes, or any kind of camouflage that the abuser would not find and put the woman in jeopardy.

Women need to know that we have a special place in God’s plan and creation.  We are not second class citizens; it was never intended for that to happen when God created men and women.  It’s a partnership and we are all made in the likeness of God.  Until the Gospel is redeemed, until God brings something to us very soon that will give us all the chance for hope and understanding, we need to remember that Jesus taught us to love each other as we would ourselves, to do to another as we would have done to us.  There’s a lot of evil in the world and it seems like it is gaining control.  God knows it, and He really does care.  There is hope, and that Hope died on a Tree over 2000 years ago for all of us and was resurrected.  It’s time for us to find Him and get ourselves right.

Pastor Sylvia

Tree of Hope Ministries, USA


Christmas Thoughts



Merry Christmas.  Today is the day that we celebrate the birth of Jesus, the true reason for the season.  My wish is that we all keep the Hope that is Christ in our hearts all year, not just at Christmas time.  Remember God, remember Jesus.  Spend time with those who you call family, and know that God has not forgotten us in this world.  There is Hope.  God bless you all.

ALL Lives Matter!!!!

Colorado Soldiers Return Home

ALL lives matter!! ALL of them, not just one race, one gender, one age. It doesn’t matter if you are a doctor, in the military, in emergency rescue, a parent, a teacher….ALL LIVES MATTER. It doesn’t matter if you are Asian, African, European, Caucasian, Hawaiian, Native American, Alaskan, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist….green, blue, orange, or purple!!! We are ALL the same, from the top of our heads to the bottom of our feet. What we are is the same, one RACE…..the HUMAN RACE!!
So what are we doing? We are victimizing each other!! I see it in the homeless, I see it in how Americans are speaking to each other. The political scene is encouraging lies and deceit, inciting anger and acting out!! I see it in the increased use of street drugs, of domestic violence victims, in children and in adults. Newscasts dramatize over and over the actions and mistakes, the hate and the riots. WE ARE BETTER THAN THIS, PEOPLE!!!!!!
Our country was founded on freedom, ancestors fought for it from the oppression of a too large empire who wanted to control the lives of even the most distant citizens through often corrupt governing bodies. Those ancestors won, by the GRACE of GOD!!!
Paul Harvey years ago in the 1960’s broadcast a session called “if I were the devil…” I heard that script sometime in the 80’s or 90’s and have reread that script in recent years. I would encourage anyone to link to it: we RIGHT NOW have the very same issues from the 60’s, but MAGNIFIED by a couple generations of deterioration of home, family, government, and even churches. Our country is in a spiral downward that is NOT stopping, and we are ripping ourselves apart from the inside!!! My WORD, we don’t even need to have ISIS or terrorists to do it, we are DOING IT TO OURSELVES!!! From a shooting in a church in South Carolina last year, to the shootings and riots that are going on now! fc220x200black-u21What in the WORLD do WE as AMERICANS have to be angry about!??? Really!??? I know that 1 in 5 children go hungry here in the United States, and that the average age of a homeless person is NINE YEARS OLD. NINE!!!!! That is what we should be angry about—and what in are we doing about it? We focus on Black Lives Matter, or New Black Panthers, or any of the other groups!! Oh come on! I was around with the race riots and Kent State, Watts and the other issues of the early 60’s as a child, and guess what—it SCARED me. What do you think we are doing to our children NOW with bigger media and exposure to the horrors and scary stuff??? IT HAS GOT TO STOP!!!
As a preacher, a pastor, I can’t keep quiet about this. I’m not “PC” or politically correct!! I am a parent, and a grandparent. Kids have got to be kept safe!!! And it doesn’t matter what color their skin or hair is, what gender they are. They all have the same feelings…..they get scared, they don’t understand, and they see things that little ones have no right seeing!! And it then turns into generations of HATE and DISTRUST as adults!!! Don’t believe me? Take a look at the news, at the neighborhoods and compare them to a couple decades past. I don’t need to review some research psych paper to prove it, I’ve LIVED IT. And anyone with eyes in the their heads can SEE IT!!
It’s time to step up, people!!! The homeless drunk on the street corner isn’t in big city USA. The homeless crisis is the 9 year old living in the car or van or couch surfing with mom trying to avoid domestic violence. girl20on20the20streetAnd that domestic violence is coming right into our homes through the TV and the media that is at our fingertips. The violence of hate against race, against Christians, against the old fashioned “establishment” of the 1960’s is only getting worse, BECAUSE WE AS A NATION ARE LETTING IT HAPPEN!
Personally, it isn’t how I want to live! And we’ve grown so far from God that we have no clue how to get down on our knees and pray for HELP!! I didn’t do that until about 3 years ago, and thank GOD that we can do it even though we’ve run blindly AWAY from a living GOD who cares!! Think HE doesn’t exist? Think He isn’t ticked off about us? Check the “heat dome” or the blizzards, the tornados, the earthquakes, the drought, the wildfires lately? That’s nature, yes, but God’s in control there, and He is rattling our senses to WAKE UP!!!
It’s time to stop turning our backs on today’s poor, widows and orphans. It’s time to stop turning our backs on what is the right thing to do…..this is ONE NATION UNDER GOD, not one nation under martial law or a free-for-all of hate!!!! Memorial Day SeriesGet down on your knees and pray for help, pray for guidance, pray for forgiveness of turning our backs on the living God who does care. Pray for those kids, those moms, those parents. Pray for the military, the police, the emergency workers. Pray for the hatred and the anger to stop. Whatever you do, pray!!!! Don’t know how? Message me.
It’s time for change, people, now. Or it’s going to be too late. We are almost there now.
God bless you all.
Pastor Sylvia

Tree Of Hope Ministries, USA

Cling to the cross

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The Squirrel

“My Mom told me to come and get you because the squirrel fell out of the tree and broke it’s arm.  She said maybe you would know what to do”

For the third time since October, I’m volunteering for a community program known as “Family Promise”.  It is a faith based program designed to give homeless families a hand up, not a hand out, in figuring out how to get housing, a job, find resources, etc.  The families travel from church to church around the city, about 25 in all, every three months or so.  The churches sponsor the families for supper, a room to sleep in, things to pack a bag lunch if they need it, and a cold or grab and go breakfast through the week.  During the day, the kids go to school, and the parents will go to the Family Promise Day Center or to work, depending on the circumstance.  I recall seeing for sure two dads in the program, and one ended up being sent back to Oklahoma because he violated his parole unknown to his wife until the system caught up to him.  The other dad was a single dad in his 40’s, maybe older, dealing with an energetic 2 year old alone.  Mom was a meth addict.  Not sure if she was doing rehab or not. The families arrive on Sunday evening, stay the week, then leave for the next church on the following Sunday morning.  Each week is a new sleeping location.  Not ideal, but it’s a safer alternative than sleeping on the streets, having your children taken by children’s services, or sleeping in a car and still having your children taken by children’s services.

I will also say this is the first time in a month or so that I’ve had consistent wifi that I didn’t have to ride my bike any where from 1 to 4 miles or so to access.  Blessing.

The time in the program depends upon how long it takes the adult (usually only one) in the family to access housing other than the rotation of the church.  The program is MUCH better than the local faith based shelter who says they provide shelter for families, but they do not.  They cater mostly to the alcoholic or addict looking to get clean, even shortchanging the domestic abuse victims for some reason.  I’m not going to get on that soap box, though.  Let it be said that the local mission does not make it easy for families to stay there and get on their feet. It’s ok for an emergency and VERY short term.

With it being spring, the kids can get outside and poke around, play on the church playground or go to the library that is across the street.  City churches have a lot to offer to some extent.  The program is really beneficial.  The children are coping with the ordeal of no home, one parent, possible domestic abuse or addictions, estranged extended family, going to school, trying to keep up with other community programs like scouting or the like.  It isn’t easy.  So, when the young lady came home from the library calling to her mom about the squirrel that broke it’s leg, the group reacts like any family.  A lot of questions raised, then the ultimate “lets go ask “MOM” she’ll know what to do”  I’m old enough to be a parent to the adults and a grandparent to the children.  I got up from the table praying to myself, please dear Lord let the poor thing have run away from the action.  No.  Not so.  The squirrel had suffered some kind of trauma not visible to the eye of a child or me either, but I suspected as much.  It wasn’t breathing very much, a breath after a long pause.  It was dying, which I told the girl.  She asked “are you sure you can’t do anything for it?  How do you know.” As I searched for an explanation I watched the squirrel stop it’s breathing the last time.  I told her that I believed it was hurt really badly and that it was dying, that in fact that I thought it stopped just then.  She took a stick and poked it and agreed, saying something like poor thing and what will you do with it?  I told her I would find a pair of gloves and put it in the garbage. (Having lived homeless and sometimes meatless, I thought that the squirrel could have been a decent meal for any enterprising homeless guy who could have happened along.  They didn’t.  It reminded me of the coconuts in Florida that homeless would scrounge after storms).

Homeless kids have to have normal interactions in spite of the trauma that is going on around them.  Keeping them safe, keeping them on a schedule, keeping them fed are all in a day’s routine.  Treating them with respect is important.  These kids have it hard enough dealing with the life style and stigma that comes with it among their peers.  She ran off to tell her mom that the squirrel “passed away” and took it in stride.  Life goes on.  Death goes on.  It doesn’t matter if you are homeless or not.  Taking the time to care enough to answer the question of a child, the question of anyone for that matter doesn’t cost a thing.  Not doing it can cost YOU, though.  Jesus taught us to take care of widows and orphans.  Today’s widows and orphans are single moms and dads, homeless, poor, struggling to survive.  Lay on the icing of no faith and no Jesus and you have a recipe for all kinds of hurt and pain.  If you are a Christian, then it is your responsibility as said in the Holy Bible and taught by Jesus and the apostles.  This world is hard enough to get through when you have faith.  When you are a child, with one parent, no home, don’t know Jesus even exists, you look for honesty from the adults that are around you.  We as Christians have a responsibility especially to these children.

There is Hope coming.  God knows the timing of it.  The world needs Hope and God wants as many of His children to come back to Him as He can get.  It doesn’t take much to make a difference in anyone’s life, and you may be the only person that gives that “anyone” a chance to find Christ in your actions.  Put on your armor of God, act your faith and stop being afraid of answering hard questions.  And stop sitting on the fence with your faith.

God bless.

Pastor Sylvia, Tree of Hope Ministries

Introspect and revival

Kudos to all of those who are out there in the trenches among the poor, the displaced, the homeless.  I’m not politically correct, I am Biblically correct, and in saying so, those of you who are acting your faith in dealing with the epidemic of homelessness that is even in small town USA will be blessed.  A cheap meal, a kind word, normal conversation, a simple word of hope said in the name of Jesus Christ may seem some small thing, but to someone with nothing, it’s golden.  Food from a food pantry when you have nothing, clothing from a Free Store, free items to furnish a newly found home when the homeless is blessed to get one, a meal from a food kitchen, even a day’s worth of pay from a job from a work program sponsored by a Christian organization are all examples that I’ve seen across the country.  I’ve participated in some from both sides.  To those of you who organize the programs, know that those you serve do want to give back in some way, some how. If you can, let them.  It’s a means to gain self respect which so many homeless lack after being on the streets so long.  To those who help guide people into rehabilitation programs for drugs and alcohol, even though you may see the participant slip back, don’t give up hope on what you do.  It’s valuable.  In short, thanks to all of you for doing what you are doing.  It’s a hand up, not a hand out.

I’ve been living homeless for over a year, among the homeless, on purpose.  I have no budget other than what God provides for me at this point.  Sometimes its the change in my wallet, sometimes it’s a blessing from an unexpected source.  I wouldn’t recommend to anyone to give up everything they had and go on the streets, I had circumstances that led to this and I wouldn’t trade my experiences for anything at this point. Surrendering to trusting God for everything has been even more humbling than being rejected by family or the judgement of people who really don’t know me or what God’s purpose is through this experience.  God and Jesus have been the strength and courage for me to exist, sometimes showing me personal “manna” by providing exactly what I needed exactly at the time I needed it in a way that I could only say, “wow, that was a God thing!”  Then being able to continue to serve the way that only God could provide because of the blessing was beauty in motion.

I’m still working with the homeless.  I’ll always work with the poor, the homeless, the marginalized, and the displaced it seems at this point.  I’m waiting for events to play out that I know only God has orchestrated.  I asked “why me, Lord, why are you doing this?” knowing in my heart I do not deserve the blessings that are falling on me.  His answer, as I knew it would be, “why wouldn’t I?”  I know who I was.  I know that I was a pretty arrogant and selfish woman.  I’m not that woman anymore, and I’m striving to become as Christ-like as possible because He gave me the opportunity to learn, even if it was like holding my mouth up to an open fire hydrant at times!

I know there are several who follow my blog because they are also serving the poor in some capacity.  I’d like to offer something to all of you who may be interested.  In my journeys, I’m seeing a revival of faith, in spite of the trends of today’s society and the true horrors that are out here.  It’s time for a revival of faith, it’s badly needed.  It’s what is going to save us all, in the end. Old fashioned revival of faith, old fashioned simple preaching of the Hope that is Jesus, old fashioned preaching of the Gospel and the Truth that it holds for ALL of us!  I’d like to come to your town and preach a revival to benefit your outreach programs for the homeless and poor in your area.  I do not want anything from it other than to give your efforts with the poor the attention it needs and provide it some financial support that is desperately needed everywhere.  All that is needed on your behalf is a location to preach from…a church, neighborhood center, even a tent and if necessary, I will fund the cost of the location.  Some local advertising, again, on my budget, not yours, and some help locating some good musical talent which I will also support. I need someone who would be willing to give a little bit of a testimony about how your outreach helped them, at least one. I simply want to promote your outreach program and reach souls. If you are interested, contact me through this blog or through my ministry’s email-Tree of Hope, at  I have no recordings of my style of preaching as I’m limited to technology living homeless and sometimes without adequate Internet access, but know that I style my preaching after Billy Graham and David Wilkerson, two of my favorite preachers. I am an evangelist, but I’m NOT a snake oil or prosperity evangelist. I do have references if you need them. I preach Gospel, resurrection and salvation.  I believe that the Cross is the ONLY hope that we have in this country, and that we all need to to turn back to the Cross in order to make this country great again and how we live in it better.  It’s my hope that I can help you in your service to those who need it in your area.  I know with all my heart that God is calling me and pushing me to do this, in addition to what I’m already doing.  I hope I can serve you in this endeavor.  If you know anyone who I could serve in this capacity, please feel free to pass the information along.  I trust God will provide me with what I need to do this for others.

God bless you all as you serve those to whom you are called to serve.

Pastor Sylvia White, Tree of Hope Ministries

Easter: It’s not just another day

Cling to the cross

As I post this, it is about 6:00 am in Jerusalem.  It is Resurrection Day.  Easter.

I take my faith seriously.  I take this calling to serve the homeless seriously.  I stepped out in faith a year ago, listening to my Lord as He pulled at my heart so severely that I curled on my bed crying for the homeless women that I saw in my mind, living in cars with children and without hope.  It took me a while to find those women, and along the way I met homeless men first, then the women began to come along.  I’ve said it before, women hide.  We try the best we can to stay safe, away from the predators that ARE out there.  We couch surf, rent rooms in cheap and sometimes trashy motels, seek shelter from missions that are corrupt, and rely on the mercy of strangers to help us.  I know that goes for men too.  I am grateful there have been people along the way that did step up to the plate to help me.  I know that there were others who aren’t as brave or don’t have the faith and the courage that I learned to have that comes only from God and from knowing that this is what He wants me to be doing. I pray for those folks to learn faith and find God.

I’m not sure who my followers are that read these posts.  I dearly and sincerely hope that you are reaching out to those poor souls like people have reached out to me.  As one reader very astutely pointed out, Matthew 25: 31-46, “when I was hungry, you fed me.  As a stranger, you invited me in.”  It takes courage to step out in faith and reach out to a dirty, smelly, alcohol hazed stranger.   There’s a lot of violence and hatred in this country of freedom, and we lost the ability to trust each other, to help the town drunk, the town mentally challenged, the family struggling under so much debt they don’t know whether to partially pay the gas bill or the electric bill.  We know we need to help, our hearts tell us to, but fear holds us back.  Fear is Satan’s creation. Courage is God’s-the words “fear not” is written 365 times in the Holy Bible, one for every day of the year. Jesus spoke those words in Matthew.  And very clearly, He tells us He will come back.  One day He will come back to judge us, but I’m really very certain that He comes back and checks on us as individuals now, to test our hearts, to show us what it is that we need to work on.

The whole point of our journey on the face of this earth is to find our way back home, to heaven, where we all began.  Easter for so many homeless is just another day.  As homeless, we aren’t always connected into the day to day calendar, or the news, or the Internet.  We have phones, thank God, but we don’t always have service, or minutes, to be able to use them.  Phones aren’t a privilege, Obamaphones are better than having nothing, believe me. Phones are a lifeline. Easter isn’t just another day.  Easter isn’t about commercialism, chocolate bunnies, or Easter Egg hunts.  Its a day to celebrate re-birth.  Resurrection.  Life, eternally, and the hope that we can get there because Jesus came, taught us to love everyone, and I do mean everyone.  For me, Easter today-THIS day, is a new beginning.  I know that Jesus died for me, so that I could be here, today, preaching in whatever way that I can, reaching out to the homeless, my friends, getting people to recognize that the only way we can get out of this life successfully to the next one is through Jesus, and to help our fellow man, and woman, to give a hand up. Getting the Word out there however I can, whether it be on the Internet like this, face-to-face conversations, or only by my actions to show I walk what I talk.  I really and truly try.

Jesus said it, Isaiah prophesied it, and I’m trying to live it: “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners, and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor”(Luke 4: 18-19).  I’m not Jesus, and some days, I’m barely Christ-like, no matter how hard I try.  But I do know with all my heart that God called me to help the homeless, to help the women, and to preach the truth so that everyone who hears me can once again hear and understand what we are TRULY supposed to be doing here.

God bless you all.  Happy Easter. He is risen, and HE LIVES!  AMEN!

Pastor Sylvia, Tree of Hope Ministries


Eyes wide shut.

flying a sign


I’m not talking about pride or ego. Dignity is being able to look past the circumstances you find yourself in and hold your head up.  In faith, dignity is there.  God gives you the strength to endure, without hiding your face or handing your head in shame.  Dignity allows you to be able to stand on a street corner and ask for help.  Dignity allows you to walk into a food bank and pick up a box of food.  Dignity is what allows you to walk into a church in raggedy clothes or even very used second hand clothes and sit down in a pew and talk to God.

Dignity is often all a homeless person wants.  If you give someone what they need, they can find dignity.  If you have dignity, which comes through faith, you can overcome everything.  Give a person a chance to get a shower and some clean clothes, it makes them feel better.  Give someone the chance to get some sleep somewhere safe, it gives them confidence.  Give somebody a bathroom to use instead of the bushes or behind an air conditioner, and you give them some self respect. It helps them, us, build faith.

The problem is that as a whole, we as a society walk right past the sidewalk sleeper, avoid sitting near the guy asleep and drooling on the trolley who looks kind of rough, we don’t see that there are women who are homeless, jobless, desperate to get into some kind of a stable environment to keep themselves upright and safe.  We don’t want to talk to the guy reading a book sitting on a wall across from the St Vincent De Paul service center.  Why?  What are we afraid of?  Because when it comes right down to it, any of us could and some will become that guy or that woman overnight.  And what point does it serve if we walk right past with our eyes wide shut.  Open but not seeing.  We’ve hardened our hearts to the poor and needing of this country.  Veterans, women, old people, guys who have lost everything in the economy and haven’t been able to get back up from it.  People who have lost hope.

The Bible says we need to love our neighbor as ourselves.  That really means every one is our neighbor: the addict, the alcoholic, the strange looking woman in the layers of clothes, the guy who pulls a wagon around the city.  The kids who are playing on the same ball court every day, same time, all weather because the only parent they have is a meth addict and it’s safer on the court than in the house.  These people are real.  It isn’t for us to judge them.  It is for us to do exactly what Jesus taught us that we all should do, as Christians.  That is to help them-do for them what you would HOPE someone would do for you.  For Pete’s sake, they aren’t going to bite you.  Talk to them.  Say hello.  Ask them how they are.  Ask them if they ate today.  I have found as a rule food isn’t really an issue for many homeless, there are a LOT of resources, but there may be someone who needs a meal…and if that’s the case, go buy them one and bring it back, or better yet take them into a Burger King or something like it. They are not going to buy the whole menu, and likely if you tell them you only have “X” amount of money, they will respect the fact you are even helping them.

Stop walking around with your eyes wide shut.  Reach out and give somebody a hand up.  It’s the right thing to do.  And you are saving yourself when you do it.

God bless you.

And so it goes….

Merry Christmas.  As I said, God has a way of changing my plans. After all, it is His will, not mine.  So this blog will continue.  And the others will as well.  If I can reach just one person with His Word, through whatever means, then it is well worth keeping that line open.

A friend of mine that I met in a shelter experienced the greatness of God’s grace and blessing this week, just two days before Christmas.  Alecia has been homeless for about two years, if I understand her story.  She has a 14 year old daughter.  She left an abuser who uses meth, and her son also is using meth.  She left with what she had in her car.  Because of her situation and some of the events that she witnessed, she found herself in a mission for a while.  Until she didn’t qualify to be there, and that is a blog for another time, not Christmas day.  Alecia and her daughter believed that God would intervene.  They found themselves without a home just before Thanksgiving.  They did get some assistance from Salvation Army for about two weeks, and stayed in a really low class motel.  When you are out on the streets, you don’t look at the atmosphere, you tend to overlook the filth, the roaches, the silverfish…it’s a little difficult to overlook the bedbugs, and you thank God for the shelter of a roof and a door that can be locked.  Being a homeless woman is hard.  You can sleep in your car if you have one and if you know you are safe.  You look for a couch and couch surf.  You seek the help of family, if you can, if they are supportive, you rely on friends.  When you are alone without resources, the only One you can rely on is Jesus.  And God.  Alecia spend weeks on the parking lot of Walmarts while her daughter was able to stay in school by staying with girlfriends.  Alecia finally gave it over to God to find them someplace to stay.  And just that fast, just that quickly, something happened.

There are still kind people in this world.  A man named Richard is one of them.  Richard had a two bedroom apartment available.  He was asking about $800 a month, including utilities.  Alecia does not have income, she has disability and other community resources, and qualifies for section 8 assistance, but you have to wait.  That could take years on that list for section 8 housing. Alecia told Richard her story, and God touched Richard’s heart.  Alecia’s voucher for housing was around $650 and she truly was looking only for a one bedroom apartment.  Richard agreed to letting Alecia and her daughter have the two bedroom apartment, if he could pass section 8 inspection-which happened in just one day, and with knocking off $200 from the rent.  He did a wonderful Christian thing.  He heard Alecia’s need, and gave them a home off the streets, in time for Christmas.

There is truly kindness in each of us.  God planted that in us when He created us.  Compassion, love, caring.  All our emotions, God gave them to us.  What we fail to do is recognize that we are still God’s creation.  We turned from Him long ago….first the Israelites in spite of blessing after blessing.  Now, after the birth and resurrection of the perfect sacrifice, Jesus, we still turn our back on them.  We tend to find our compassion and kindness at Christmas.  Christmas isn’t about Santa and the greed that is generated from gift giving and feeling like we are compelled to give when we don’t feel it or have the means to give.  It is entirely about God’s unending love and compassion for us and this earth when we so deserve to be destroyed.  He truly wants us to find Him again.  To be like Jesus, who is our example and came to teach us first hand of how we are supposed to be.  Jesus taught us to love one another as we would love ourselves, to do to others what we would have done for ourselves.  That is Christmas.  And we need to act like it is Christmas in that love and compassion every day.  To reach out to those who need help, in big or small ways.

Richard reached out to Alecia in compassion and Christian love.  She has experienced the grace and mercy of God through Richard’s kindness.  I met Richard.  He is a simple man, drives a 15 year old SUV, older middle aged.  We all need to take a page from his example and spread that kindness.  Alecia has been praising God and thanking him for three days now.  Each day brings her more blessings, gift cards for furniture and trash cans, food, a Christmas tree.  It isn’t about how much we get in this life.  It’s about how much we give.  You know what Alecia is doing today?  She is having a Christmas meal and inviting all the marginalized people she knows to come.  She is feeding the masses, just like Jesus did.  And that is what it is all about.

Homeless people, by and large, do NOT want to live on the street.  They don’t.  It’s not safe, people are cruel, there’s theft, disease…..but they are the ones that Christ would be ministering to right now.  He said “THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD IS UPON ME, BECAUSE HE ANOINTED ME TO PREACH THE GOSPEL TO THE POOR. HE HAS SENT ME TO PROCLAIM RELEASE TO THE CAPTIVES, AND RECOVERY OF SIGHT TO THE BLIND, TO SET FREE THOSE WHO ARE OPPRESSED, TO PROCLAIM THE FAVORABLE YEAR OF THE LORD.” (Luke 4:18-19). If we truly want to be Christ-like, that is what we need to do.  Please let Christmas live in your heart every day, all year. There is hope for us all, we need to take time to bring that hope to others when we can in the way that God tells us.

God bless you all.  Merry Christmas.

Pastor Sylvia                                                                                                                         Tree of Hope Ministries.



Starting over

As Christians, we should all be aware of what it means to start over.  I don’t expect to post much more on American Homeless, to those of who are following this blog, but God tends to correct me frequently.  I would like to invite you to click on the link to Tree of Hope Church, where I will be posting on a regular basis.

God bless you for caring.                                                                                                 Pastor Sylvia White

Roast Beast

help up

The guy sitting on the curb with his back to me beside the dumpster when I pulled in to retrieve my gas cap really wasn’t expecting anyone to talk to him, I am sure.  He had a patient id band on his left hand.  His hands looked swollen for some reason.  He had a jacket and a light backpack.  I walked up to him and asked my favorite question-“did you eat today?”  Do you know how many people will answer no, or not since this morning when its around or after supper time?  Try it.  Of course, don’t pick people who look like they’ve got a home and are secure….ask the scruffy looking ones.  They really haven’t eaten.  Not well.  Or check out the people sitting in McDonalds or Burger King, who may only have a drink in front of them and look kind of scruffy.  Some of these people only need a kind word, or a smile.  And to give them a sandwich or a meal, you’ll make their day.  I didn’t have money for the guy on the curb to buy a meal.  I live pretty close to the pennies myself, and there have been times I’ve had nothing more than change in my wallet.  I had left overs from my lunch that I had packed….and I gave the guy what I had.  Roast beef, an apple, and some cookies.  The smile on his face made my day.  And he said the funniest thing. “Roast beast”.  I asked him “What?”  He smiled and said “I call it roast beast”.  I smiled and patted him on the back and told him to enjoy it.  What he didn’t know is that it brought back memories of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”  If I remember Boris Karloff’s narration, the words went something like “he even took the roast beast”.  How many times year after year I watched that video with my kids.  It’s one of my favorite lines.  To hear it from the homeless hungry guy?  It made me feel like a hundred bucks.

Roast beast.  All we need to do is look around us.  In Jesus’ day, He spent his time among the poor, the sinners, the low life’s of the Jewish world.  He taught the disciples to look after the widows and orphans.  Today, we have single homeless women with children who have no dads.  We have homeless veterans, lost from the world by circumstances that are not of their making.  We have guys who for whatever reason, lost their job, then they lost their hope.  They become alcoholics and addicts, derelicts of society that most people won’t talk to.  Walk by a charity center on a rainy day and check out the crowd.  For the sake of us all, take some pity on these people!! They are not castaways.  They are not discards.  They are all God’s children, just like you and me.  A Saturday brunch by a group of well meaning Christians isn’t enough, it’s nice, but it isn’t enough.  There’s just too many underserved homeless, many are Veterans.  Many are women and children.  It’s time to get out there and help.  It doesn’t take much at all.  I’m working on getting two of the guys that I wrote about from Fort Myers Beach into some free housing.  One of them is a veteran.  I have resources to help these guys get their self respect back.  Do you know a veteran that could use a home?  Contact me through Tree of Hope Ministries.  I can help.  Do you know a homeless woman with children who needs housing?  I may be able to help.  It’s got to start somewhere.  Will it be you?

God bless you.

Pastor Sylvia.